Friday, November 2, 2012

Pack It Up, Pack It In

The Blue Placemat Table Talk:

10 extra minutes tonight...

Could save you up to 20 minutes tomorrow morning.

If you just finished dinner and you have leftovers, why not pack some of them up in a larger container and separate a bit for your lunch tomorrow?  This could save you huge steps in the morning, when you may be especially slow-moving and groggy.

While you're at it, wash a piece of fruit and a vegetable to add to your meal.  Gather your lunch together and put it aside in the refrigerator or bag it the night before and refrigerate so you can just grab and go.

  • You may be tired now, but this could save you time and money tomorrow.

"How much money?" you ask...

  • By packing your lunch just 3 times each week, you could save about $18 weekly.  Doesn't seem like such a bargain?  Well, this adds up to save you $72 each month and $936 all year.  
  • If you're really motivated, try to bring your lunch (almost) every day.  By bringing your lunch to work or school 5 days/week, you'll save on average $30/week (usually more), $120/month, and $1,560/year!!!  

PLUS, you'll get to eat EXACTLY what YOU want, and you know that your lunch was made safely and in a clean way.

*Don't be afraid to mix it up.  Bring leftovers from appetizers, salads, hot meal dinners, etc. to mix it up from the same ole' sandwich.  If you're on a sandwich kick and afraid your sandwich will get soggy overnight, pack it so that you can assemble it at work or school, or save your sandwich by adding condiments in the morning to your ready-built sandwich.  This will keep your bread fresh and stomach growling for lunch!

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